Kate & Shaun

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True Love in a Small Town.

Kate & Shaun began their fairy tale in a little town far far away called Euroa. The Euroa Butter Factory is charming, rustic and the food is amazing. It is the perfect wedding venue if you want that relaxed country style wedding photography. This is beginning to sound like a paid review but I really couldn’t fault this venue. The staff were warm, friendly and hospitable just like our newlyweds, Kate & Shaun. It’s a three hour drive from Melbourne but the scenery is stunning on the way.

Kate didn’t seem nervous at all in the morning reading a Frankie magazine in her trackies. Her calm demeanor transpired throughout the entire wedding day. Shaun had a smile from ear to ear 90% of the time. On the second story of the Euroa Butter Factory, where Kate got ready. there are a number of tall windows that let in the most beautiful, soft directional light. My favourite image from that space is where Kate is in her wedding dress and she is back-lit by the natural window light. I almost walked past her and then noticed the light on her as she was looking at her flowers. This is my favourite type of wedding photography; it’s a completely candid, non-intrusive moment but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the image.

There are only a couple in this gallery but many of my favourite shots were actually of guests watching the ceremony. Thank God Kate and Shaun had asked the Butter Factory if they could clear out the space for their wedding (it used to be filled with old, broken machinery). The light in there is perfect for wedding ceremony photography; lots of small windows so you get lots of natural, soft light.

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