Jade & Anthony

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As Natural as can Be.

Jade & Anthony celebrated their wedding day at the beautiful Mandala Winery in the Yarra Valley. They were so relaxed with what they wanted from their wedding photography. They asked me to simply turn up at the winery and capture whatever I saw; ‘you’re the photographer, be creative and go for it’. It’s good to be as prepared for your wedding day as possible, but being spontaneous has its benefits too.

The page boy, one of Jade & Anthony’s children, was waiting at the top of the aisle for Mum. When she arrived she reached out to take his hand and his head dropped and his bottom lip followed. I love the image of Mum walking down the aisle, glowing and the son pouting in the background. You can see later he is much more cheerful as he jumps off the gazebo after the signing.

We managed to duck out after the ceremony for some photos in the vineyard and among the hills, which are a beautiful backdrop to the Mandala Winery. Jade & Anthony ignored me for the most part, which was fantastic, and I was able to just capture what came naturally to them on their wedding day.


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