Ben & Stephanie

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I met with Ben and Stephanie several times before their wedding, once at the botanical gardens for a relaxed engagement shoot. The chemistry between them was endearing from the beginning. Both very calm and very open people; a perfect match.

It often feels¬†surreal shooting weddings. Stephanie and her bridesmaids sitting on the bed scratching her cat’s heads and bellies. Draped in the softest light from a single window. I never get tired of watching families reacting to each other; the bride seeing her parents dressed up, proud, the parents seeing their daughter in her wedding dress. I really am blessed to do what I do.

You can see a tear in Ben’s eye as Stephanie reaches the end of the aisle. All the dresses looked amazing in this light and space. One of my favourite images/moments was when Ben and Stephanie stepped into the prayer room after the ceremony. Again, just a single light to light up the bride, like a beam of light directly from heaven. Then the wedding party set off to Web Bridge in Melbourne for some informal and romantic bridal party photos. The rain holding off and the sun coming out exactly when we needed it.

Surely angels were watching over Ben and Stephanie’s wedding day.

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