Annelies & Thomas

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Aussie Soldiers Tie the Knot.

Annelies and Thomas are both in the Army. In fact, most of their bridal party were military. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard while the bride and bridesmaids are getting ready. My favourite one-liner was “now I’m gunna get my good nickers on.” What a difference great friends can make to a wedding day.

Annelies and Thomas had their ceremony and reception at one of my favourite wedding venues in either Melbourne or the Yarra Valley; Mandala Wines. The reception was captured outside, however not at the gazebo, but over the other side where you have this very scenic view of the hills and vineyards. Annelies is a real character and some of the facial expressions I was able to capture are priceless. Thomas is more quietly spoken so there was a beautifully balanced chemistry between them.

Mandala Wine’s wedding reception room is very unique in that three of the four walls are floor to ceiling glass. This lets in the most amazing light during the day. So photos of guests and speeches are always flattering. The reception went well into the night and finished with a sea of sparklers and slightly inebriated guests.

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